Wednesday, February 24, 2010

8 weeks 1 Day

Went in for my first OBGYN appointment for the baby! Daddy came with and boy was he grouchy before we got there. He's not much of a morning person, but after the little craziness in the morning, we finally got to see our little flutter again. This time baby is bigger than the yolk sack! Last time the baby was a small dot, this time, the adorable blob right there in the uterus is our mini us!! Baby is growing to be the size of a green olive. I was so relieved because I've been worried this whole time but this appointment has me feeling so much better.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The best test I ever past

The first day I tested early on the 23rd of January and of course it was negative. The next morning I was too anxious and a slight positive came in within the 2 minute time frame. (the positive is real faint right on top) I had to double check so I encouraged my self to wait until the 26th which would have been my late menstrual cycle.

On the 26th of January, I went to class and decided to pick up a test during my long break before my next class. This time I purchased digital ones cause what's more assuring then seeing those definite words, "not pregnant," or "pregnant."

Sure enough that glorious word came in, "pregnant!" haha Though, since I didn't take the test with my first urination of the day, I retested the next morning and it was the same results.

Before all this crazy testing, I knew something was different when I was waking up wide awake and up so early. Sometimes around 4 in the morning!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our Sweet Pea

Got an ultrasound done yesterday and here's our little sweet pea or my funny tech called it "that little flutter there is your baby!" haha I dunno, that comment cracked me up or maybe I was just so giddy inside everything she said made me want to crack up. 5 weeks 6 days. According to our tech, the baby's heart was beating 116 beats/minute.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

St. Valentine's Day

Lately, I've been in this romantical mood and I don't know why. Maybe I've always been a romantic at heart but it's been held in for so long, it's wanting to burst out now. Anyways, so I wanted to have a romantic dinner with friends, and my Jo-Jo and Jenny were able to join us with their boyfriends. I chose the Avalon cause geez, who knew it was going to be so difficult to find a nice suite in Portland with a jetted bath tub.

After calling around, I booked a suite for my hunny willers and I to stay at the Avalon Hotel and Spa because the receptionist assured me there were jetted bathtubs in their suites, yeah, anyways.

Prior to dinner, he surprised me with roses and chocolates. He's always been good about that when it comes to Valentine's Day. I must say, Russell Stover's chocolates are much tastier now then I can remember them. We got ready and I was hoping to arrive right at check-in to take advantage of their spa and ammentities. Check-in was at 3 pm and we arrived their at 7 pm (30 mins prior to our reservations for dinner).

Oh and I forgot, prior to the reservations, I told Bounheune of the plans I had in mind. He asked, "What are we going to do in the room all day?" Geez, just a little effort on his part would have been nice. I should have known right when he asked that question, the reservations should have never been made. Then I thought of the idea of him picking something nice out for me to wear. He agreed, but no, he never got around to doing that either.

We were late to dinner by a few minutes. The food was not worth it, the service was mediocre, and the room we were seated segregated us from the rest of the guests in the restaurant and was scortching hot for a few minutes and then would switch to freezing cold. You would think if they knew that was a problem, they wouldn't seat people in it.

So, when dinner ended, I was hoping it would finally be a romantic night since the husband and I have never done this before. Well, the 3 alcoholic beverages he drank at dinner caused him to get drowsy and buzzed. I knew it too but he wouldn't listen to me and just kept drinking. Yano, once you drink, you got to continue at a steady pace or else you'll get tired. Then I wanted to relax in a bubble bath together and watch free internet movies. LOL! Yes, hey atleast it was a movie we hadn't watched yet. It was "Bride Wars!" Romantic movie huh?! LOL! Back to the story, he asked, "Well, do we even have bubble bath stuff?" Geez Louise.... After, a few minutes of disppointment and irritation, he fell asleep on the couch!! Yes, fell asleep. Well, I was determined not to make this a Valentine's Day I didn't want to remember so I started the bubble bath and woke him up. He told me it was the first bubble bath he ever had. We watched Bride Wars for a few minutes, and then it got too hot so we decided to watch the rest of the movie in our bed....

Nothing much happened. We ordered milk and chocolate cake, never wore the outfit I purchased, we finished the movie and caught some zzzzzzz's.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!